Photo: Motorcycle thief in a ghastly accident while running with stolen motorcycle

A thief was involved in an accident while trying to escape with the motorcycle he stole along Abu King Shuluwa road, Makurdi Benue state yesterday October 1st. According to, the thief who disguised as a passenger, had flagged down a motorcycle rider and asked to be taken to Tse-Ayihe, a suburb on the outskirts of Makurdi. When they arrived at his destination, the thief forcefully snatched the motorcycle from the rider.

As he tried to run with the motorcycle, an alarm was raised and he was immediately pursued by other motorcycle riders in the area. As the thief was running on top speed, he crashed into speed bumps and was badly injured. His pursuers had no sympathy for him as they gathered and beat him to a pulp. He was later taken to the police station.