Chinese-Nigerian releases gospel album including Igbo track

Chen Emmanuel, featured here a few months ago. has released a power-packed gospel album that explores all genres of music ranging from Gospel rap, to worship, blues to rock.

The main track Yahweh has received multiple reviews from renowned singers including Minister Micah Stampley and Nikki Laoye. Chen Emmanuel is a gospel Singer/Songwriter based in Abuja.

Chen is a very jovial human who enjoys leading people of God into worship in unity. He doesn’t have so much interest in singing but basically in songwriting, He is an amazing lyricist. He loves to be motivational and bring a twist to facts that makes you see the hidden truth about some circumstances in life.

The song Yahweh itself, came by inspiration exactly one week from meeting renowned gospel artist Nathaniel Bassey. It inspired him to write more songs revolving around the name Yahweh- The I Am. His motivation comes from insights from the word of God and creation itself. His greatest models are Micah Stampley, Donnie Mcclurkin, Tasha Cobbs, Eben and Nathaniel Bassey.

Hopefully the debut album, YAHWEH would strike you at a point that speaks directly to you. The songs would not just be his story, but your story to you and a reason to believe that the best is yet to come.

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