Dear LIB readers; My neighbour's wife is trying to seduce me

From a male LIB reader
My neighbour's wife has kids but she's quite young. For sometime I have being on leave, each time she's always asking when I'm resuming I keep telling her soon. One morning she came to my house that she needed my help to do something online and I noticed she was not wearing a bra and as if she wanted me to notice it going by her body movement.

Last week she brought her laptop that she wanted me to check it for her and that she was going to pick it up the next morning. So while checking the laptop I noticed there were some pictures on the desktop.

)ut of curiosity I opened one of the pictures and noticed it was her nude pictures. So I opened another one and still the same.

When she came the next day I told her the laptop was fine. Then she asked me the she hopes I didn't look at her pictures ooo. I was mute and said what pictures? She laughed and asked me if I liked what I saw? Honestly I was shocked.

I told her no that I needed to do something that she should please excuse me for now. The husband is a good neighbor and I just feel very guilty and angry. I just moved in the compound 9 months ago and all these?

How do I stop all thus nonsense?