Father whose drunken leg tattoo cost him his wife is offered a lifeline

 Stuart Valentino, 34, from Hampshire, got an inappropriate tattoo done on his thigh as a joke, but the prank has cost him his family.
His wife Samantha, 35, left him after a holiday with their 3-year-old daughter Ayla went down the drain because Stuart wouldn't be able to join in on swimming trips.
UK Mirror published the story and the owner of Back to Blank tattoo removals in Chester-le-Street, County Durham read it and stepped in.
After seeing the story on Mirror Online, Anthony Osborne has offered to get rid of the penis tattoo for free as he thought it was "the worst tattoo he has ever seen," and Stuart has said he would "definitely be interested" in taking him up on his offer.

Anthony said:
"It's pretty shocking. "I was having a look at Mirror Online to see what was going on in the world and out it pops.
"If he wants to take a trip up this way I would be more than happy to remove it and no money will exchange our hands.
"I see people with a variety of tattoos which I look at and think, do you know what, I wish I could take them off for them.
"I have removed the F word from someone's behind.
"I have removed 'The property of [man's name]' from a woman's genitalia.
"There isn't a part of the human anatomy I haven't lasered.
"I have done over 3,000 procedures."
Anthony said the thing that got him the most was that Stuart's wife left him, as he said there's nothing you can't remove these days.

He said:
"Stuart sounds like a bit of a prankster.
"Maybe that was the straw that broke the camel's back.
"It's not the sort of thing you would want on your leg is it, it's not endearing.
"If I can do one good thing this year, this is it."
The laser removal artist assured it would be an easy process as the tattoo doesn't have much detail.
He predicts it would take about three sessions, with a patch test first to make sure the skin wouldn't react with the laser.

The service would normally cost about £150 per session but he will do it for free.

UK Mirror