How to get 3gb for free now from mtn nigeria (mb cheat)

Have you heard  that mtn is given out 3gb for unlimited browsing for free but you need to have at least 10 to 20 naira on your phone but when i got mine i had N50 but they only took N10 and give me free 3gb of internet mb.

how to get the MTN 3gb Internet Data
if you really want to enjoy this simply dial *123*3*1*5*2# and after that you will need to wait for about 2 minutes and you will recieve something like this below:
Welcome to the 3GB WeekEnd Monthly (Fri 9pm - Mon 6am). Expires: 12/Oct/2014 06:25. it will be renewed and any unused data rolled over and added to next bundle. Text NO to 131 to

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Y'ello! Your data balance is 5.99GB, Expires: 20/Oct/2014 07:35. You will be charged at bundle rate once you exhaust the data and subscription is valid.

For those who can tweak their Android IMEI can use these and get confirmed 3GB now by following this simple steps below;
==>Tweak this imei 35410303986… auto
generate the last 4 digits
==>Send MIFI to 131 You’ll be given 3GB from MTN
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