Rep urges Buhari to appoint INEC chairman

The lawmaker representing Ojo federal constituency in the House of Representatives, Mr. Tajudeen Obasa, has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to appoint a substantive chairman for the Independent National Electoral Commission, following the expiration of the tenure of national commissioners of the electoral body.

Obasa, who is a member of the Peoples Democratic Party, said it was unconstitutional for Mrs. Amina Zakari to continue to act as the chairman of INEC because the constitution does not permit that.
The lawmaker, therefore, asked the President to appoint Nigerians of proven integrity to fill the vacant positions, in order to maintain the gains of the 2015 general election.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the lawmaker asked the President to uphold the rule of law and..
comply with the constitution.

The lawmaker said, “Presently, INEC comprises an acting chairman and one national commissioner. The present formation can’t run the affairs of the commission. The constitution says 13 members shall form the national leadership of INEC; a chairman, and 12 other members to be known as national electoral commissioners. Mrs. Amina Zakari’s tenure has , however, ended on July 21,2015.

“An organisation like INEC must be structured for easier voting during decision making. Two persons cannot lead the organisation. It is not healthy for democracy to thrive. The constitution is clear about the formation of a quorum in a meeting to be presided by the INEC chairman, provided one-third of 13 is higher than four, it will be morally wrong for two members to form a quorum and decide the fate of Nigerians.”