6 Things You Must Do Before You Propose!

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As a jeweler, and retailer of diamond engagement rings, I’ve spoken to so many men regarding engagement rings and what to look out for and many men have concerns. Once in a while, we meet that man who knows what he wants in a ring and it warms our heart. Not knowing means expectations will not align with reality and it is important for both to be aligned. To help navigate the sometimes-murky waters of buying an engagement ring, here are a few rules of engagement:

1.                  HAVE A BUDGET: An engagement is a BIG DEAL so please plan for it, save
for it. “Ohhhhh she’s a keeper”, but you want to give her what some people call a dot? Excuse me Sir, why? If that’s what you can afford  (even after saving), then here’s  some  holy  water  for increased blessings on your hustle (stretch your hand and receive it, don’t be shy ) but if you can afford more and you want to buy a dot, “excuse me sir, why so harsh?” Don’t break the bank if you can’t but smash the bank if you can. She’s worth it

2.                  DO YOUR  RESEARCH:  Before  you  buy  a  car,  you  spend  time checking out the specs, with engagement rings, it’s the exact same way; know what is possible for the amount that you have. Endeavor to stay in  your  lane  and  understand  the  size  of  diamond  your budget can get you. If she has a fancy taste, ‘Excuse me sir, begin saving early”.  To give you an idea, a 0.50ct diamond can cost about $1,100 for an I color, SI2 clarity diamond to over $5,000 for a D color, Internally Flawless diamond but I always say if your diamond is not over 1.00ct, you shouldn't worry about an Internally Flawless diamond as you will be paying so much for something that isn't so obvious.

3.  IS IT BY FORCE TO BUY A DIAMOND? – Excuse me sir, ermm… yah!
No other substance on earth is harder than a diamond and as such it can withstand all the egusi she will peel for you, the potential palm oil spill, and if she is a fancy wife, the bubble baths and don’t
forget, when she waves her hand, it’s gotta sparkle! So, Sir, YES Diamonds please! Better a diamond dot than a massive glass that will lose its sparkle and shine in a matter of weeks. If you absolutely cannot afford a diamond, consider a semi-precious colored stone instead.

4.          SURPRISE HER OR SURPRISE YOURSELF? “Sir, if you are willing to put some effort into secretly getting her ring size, her preferred diamond shape etc., then make the proposal a surprise. If you don’t know any of those details and don’t want to find out, “Excuse me sir, you might actually be trying to surprise yourself”. Make the effort to know the details by asking her best friend, sister or someone who can help you get it otherwise, just ask her what she wants.

5.         CAN’T AFFORD A BIG RING BUT WANT THE BIG LOOK? THAT’S OKAY, CONSIDER A CLUSTER: What is that? Here is an example http://goo.gl/apxG9h . Also known as an illusion set. It’s when multiple small diamonds are set together to look like one stone. Check to make sure each stone is held down by metal (called prongs). This is your sure proof against stones coming off. Clusters are more affordable than single stones.

SINGLE STONE BUT YOU WISH IT WAS BIGGER? Consider a round brilliant cut diamond such as this http://goo.gl/pA5ial or   this http://goo.gl/wP9w3p or a Princess Cut such as http://goo.gl/CmDFBH .  These cuts tend to look bigger face up when compared with other shapes of similar carat weight so, a 1ct Round Brilliant cut diamond may look bigger face up when compared to a 1ct Cushion cut diamond.

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