Child Right Protection: We need proper enforcement of laws – Group

ABUJA – The Love to the World Initiative has advocated for strong laws and enforcement as one of tools to curb violence against women and children in the society.
The Chief Executive Officer of the group, Mrs Josephine Anumbor also stressed the need for intensive education on the gravity of the violence, which includes; Rape, Child marriage, battering, child labour, to address the trend that is now becoming a norm for some people.

Anumbor stated this in a press conference on the launching of a movie on the plight of girl child titled; ‘Searching’, coming up in November, in Abuja.
According to her, ‘Searching’ (the movie) would properly educate people particularly parents or guardians on some forms of violence like child marriage, child labour, rape among others and their subsequent consequences on a child in particular and the society at large.

She said; “I think there have been existing laws, many of them. So, there is need for stricter laws and implementation to deter people from engaging in this violent crime in the society.

“But aside that, there is need for a lot of enlightenment because if you have a headache and you do not find out why that headache is there and you keep on taking drugs, then, you have to continue taking the drugs for it.

“So, there should be more enlightenment on this issue, so that the people who engage in this can actually see what is wrong with what they do, and change their minds, because if you think the same way about anything, you we always do the same thing.”

Anumbor maintained that “It a psychological problem and it is only counseling and this kind of movie can help them (perpetrators) to see and change their minds.

“For instance, if you have a bad habit, may be small children masturbating and you get addicted to it, over the time, you have no control of it, you will just fill like doing it, no matter how finding somebody to touch. So the best thing to do is to deal with that addiction.”

Speaking on reasons for embarking on the movie, shot in Kaduna and Abuja, Anumbor explained that the initiative was designed “to enlighten, counsel, uplift and encourage the downcast and less privileged in the society.

“We are primarily concerned with the actualization of peace in Nigeria which will ultimately bring about development. We believe that a nation cannot succeed in its quest to becoming a formidable habitation for its citizenry and visitors without the building blocks of love, care, peace and unity.

“We know that the change we seek is possible only if we are ready to pay the price. At Love to the World, we do not wait for people, institutions or government to change the world; we effect changes one step at a time within our sphere of influence.

“We achieve this through our music, talk shows, dramas, re-orientation programs, seminars, trainings etc. In the past we have collaborated with the National Orientation Agency, Kaduna State government, Delta State government etc. and have also carried out outreaches to both Niger and Lapai flood victims.”