NNPC’s quiet revolution

I WISH to congratulate President Muhammadu Buhari for his choice of the leadership of the NNPC, Dr.Ibe Kachikwu, a gentleman of impeccable pedigree and his  crack team of Executive Directors that includes Dr. Maikanti Baru, Group Executive Director, Exploration & Production; Mr. Isiaka Abdulrazaq, Group Executive Director, Finance & Services; Engr. Dennis Nnamdi Ajulu, Group Executive Director, Refining & Technology; and Dr. Babatunde Victor Adeniran, Group Executive Director, Commercial & Investment.

Background checks of the team reveal that they represent the finest and the best in the oil sector considering their qualifications, integrity, proven track record, and, of course, the best practice experience of all members of the team. Another plus for their appointment is the fact that they are not products of the discredited NNPC behemoth of the past.

I am therefore convinced,as with other well-meaning Nigerians, that on the basis of the antecedents of the entire NNPC team and the undisputable overarching sterling leadership of the present administration, there is no doubt that there are brighter days ahead for the oil sector which, incidentally, is the mainstay of the Nigerian economy. It is important to state that how well the corporation is managed will, to a large extent, contribute significantly to the nation’s economy and the well-being of the people generally.

It is often said in Africa that the morning determines the day and this adage has found resonance in the NNPC appointments. From what is published in the media, no sooner had the team come on board than they hit the ground running. The new management has drawn up a robust reviewable corporate archetype conforming to global standards to promote the principles of accountability, transparency and good governance for the organisation with clear cut achievable milestones. In addition, it is heart-warming that the core business of NNPC has been restructured to engender growth, sustainability and profitability.

This is the more reason why the portfolio for Investment and Commercial which is the nerve centre and the future of the organization should be in the hands of an outstanding, diligent and honest professional who also have an all-round experience and deep knowledge of the sector. There is no doubt from my findings that the current incumbent fits the bill perfectly.

More importantly, one is hardly surprised at the zero tolerance of the new NNPC management for corruption as this is in line with the vision espoused by the management team and this is also in tandem with the marching orders of President Buhari. Moving forward, the management should be emboldened to rid the organization of the remaining rotten eggs in its different strata in view of the fact that one bad apple as the adage goes, may indeed spoil the entire basket. All those with soiled reputation should be shown the way out of the organization as this may perhaps be the last opportunity for the country to get things right in the sector.

The net effect of the on-going re-organization championed by the new NNPC team has been salutary. This has culminated in the steady supply of petroleum products in dispensing stations all over the country since they came on board. It is indeed a new dawn for Nigerians as everyone can,without fear of equivocation, attest to the availability of PMS, diesel and Kerosene and other products in virtually all stations in the entire geo political zones of the country and most significantly, these products are sold at the approved rates.

At this point, it is worth re-stating that the government should use the gains from this sector to develop the non-oil sectors like agriculture, smart technologies and areas where the country enjoys comparative advantage over others. The way to go from now is  to move from our near total dependence on oil. Thereby increasing the resource base of the country which will naturally make life better for all.

Finally, I wish to advise the management team of the NNPC under the leadership of the GMD, and his Executive Directors to be focused on the difficult tasks ahead, first in cleaning the Augean stable left behind by the former management and secondly, the imperative of re-positioning the organization in the best interest of the nation. They should stay the course and not be distracted by the antics of mushroom and amorphous groups  under the guise of shameless activism and opportunistic watchdog politics.

Nigerians are solidly behind the quiet revolution going on in the new NNPC as they are in full support of the country and president.

Mr.  Musdapher Bello, a  policy analyst, wrote from Kaduna, kaduna State.