Why I Pierced My Nipples- Kendall Jenner

Popular supermodel and “Keeping up With the Kardashians” reality TV star, Kendall Jenner who will clock 20-years later in November, speaks on why she had her nipples pierced.
Kendall was reported to be undergoing a rebellious phase after making the piercing of her nipples public during the New York Fashion Week.

The supermodel, disclosed to New York Post that she had her nipples worked on because she was going through a rough time of her life and she decided to just do it.

Kendall said “I was going through a period in my life, having a rough time, being a rebel and was like ‘Let’s just do it. I was so terrified, I’m laying on the bed like ‘Why am I doing this.’ Honestly, it hurt, but wasn’t as bad as everyone made it seem and maybe because everyone hyped it up and I thought it would be really, really bad. Then it wasn’t as bad as I expected“.