Why today’s woman prefers human hair to natural hair – Bisola Iyasara

ola Iyasara is a Nigerian, born in London, partly raised in New York but with a strong ties to Nigeria. She’s a model, motivational speaker and hair specialist consultant. In fact she caught our attention  because of the big buzz the drop dead geourgeous lady is stirring as a result of her human hair range of products which have come to be known as ‘Bisola Hair’.

Nigerian celebrities from the entertainment world, business and high society rock just about one brand of human hair -’Bisola Hair’. So, what is special about Bisola Hair and human hair in general. Bisola speaks with us:

What’s so special about Bisola hair?

The Brand “Bisola Hair” is a unique brand. It is a concept that centres on originality, genuine products and a world class customer service. It is interesting to note that I personally travel to Mongolia, Peru, and Malaysia to source for authentic, original real and raw human hair which has no tangles, no shedding, no knotting, no split ends, and no grey hairs. All Bisola Hair is unprocessed as there are no chemicals at all in them. I have trained hair stylist specialists that custom-make my lovely customers human virgin hair weft/weave, glueless celebrity French lace/Swiss lace, and bleach knots silk top full lace wigs hair to the highest standards.

What really is the hullabaloo on human hair all about?

It is all about the beauty of a woman. Hair is one of the most important components of a woman’s beauty. A woman’s hair can generate a confidence or a negative complex in her. The hair you wear will invariably enhance your glamour in appearance which is also very important to life. Human hair is the ultimate hair that can revive, stimulate and enhance a woman’s look unlike the synthetic hair alternative. Some women   suffer from alopecia and other hair loss challenges but with adequate treatment and the use of human hair, especially “Bisola Hair”, there is complete restoration of confidence, gorgeousness and sexy look.

What actually started this craze for human hair?

The human hair phenomenon started with women who wanted unique hairstyles but without any compromise and damage to their natural hair. As I said before, it is like a protection for your own hair. Having confirmed the effectiveness of human hair from everyday woman, celebrities, high class ladies etc, the desire by more women to wear it increased. Today, it is a woman’s ultimate hair desire and “Bisola Hair”, the ultimate destination.

Why are they considered better than our natural God-given hair?

Our natural hair in my opinion still remains the best hair any woman can wear but “human hair” in today’s world is more versatile with what you can do with it without damaging your natural hair. For example if you were to bleach your natural hair, it would be instantly damaged but with a “human hair” it acts like a protection against damaging your hair.

We have heard of Indian hair, Peruvian hair and all sorts, why no African hair?

African hair is available but not in commercial quantity as could be harvested from the other locations. Brazilian, Mongolian, Peruvian, Malaysian and others have more natural gifts of faster hair growth than Africans. That makes it comparatively easier for commercialization.

 You seem to target only celebrities, prime minister’s wives, governors’ wives/daughters why?

We target everyday women who want to feel glamorous and sexy.  It is just that a lot of these celebrity’s wives and daughters also wear our hair. Unarguably, it is because we deliver the best that exist in the industry. Our products are for those women who cherish quality and appreciate the elegance of it. We reach out to women who are not celebrities or wives and daughters of influential people, because we want them to feel confident and beautiful without having the makeup and stylist that celebrities have. That is the added value of our hair products.

Can you give a list of  notable people that have rocked the Bisola Hair at one time or another?

I have a lot of Nigerian governors’ wives and daughters, socialites, Nigerian Nollywood actresses and celebrities wearing Bisola Hair. Bisola Hair is a professional specialist brand. We protect the names of our big clients, as a lot of these ladies do not want people to know the secrets of the hair that they are wearing. I can mention few of our clients that have given me permission to use their names in this interview. Senator Florence Ita Giwa, Senator Bose Balogun, First lady Hanah  Zambugi, Honorable Omosedei Igbinedion, Top business lady owner of Polo Avenue, Jennifer Obayuwana, Nollywood actresses; Ini Edo, Bukky Wright, Dayo Amusa, Mercy Aigbe, Nkiru Sylvanus, Omo Iyasara and Biola Ige.

 Do you honestly think human hairs can enhance true beauty of a woman and how?

Remember that “beauty” comes from within you. Having said that, it is obvious that such natural beauty can be enhanced through the type of hair a woman wears. In this generation where climatic and environmental alterations can degrade the growth of a woman’s natural hair, the art to enhance it becomes necessary. The place of human hair in a woman’s beauty is simply priceless.

Since you have toured the world in the course of your business, which nationality do you think has most issues as far as natural hairs are concerned?

Issues with natural hairs transcends  borders and nationality. It is simply an individual issue like other human issues. Hair loss is not peculiar to women from any nationality, but common challenge associated with women. But conservatively speaking, African women may have more challenges with their natural hair than others. The factors could range from environmental to genetically related causes.  The good news is that Bisola Hair is out to bridge the gap.

Your profile says you undertook medical hair course, what exactly is that?

The medical hair course that I took in New York was one of the steps to perfect my passion for hair and its related challenges, launching me into the world of a professional hair consultant. That means that when I speak about hair, I am an authority in it.

 You were once a model, would you say doing this hair business is more lucrative than modelling or a career in entertainment?

My days of modelling and other glamour laced activities are not comparable to the career satisfaction that I derive being in hair business. It’s more of the inner satisfaction than the financial remuneration. My hair business is a passion beyond boundaries. The enhancement   of a lady’s look by wearing Bisola Hair is already a joy beyond money. When a lady wears Bisola Hair, she wears along with it, many other things, including good self-esteem, gorgeousness, confidence, genuineness and many others. As gifted multi-task individual, I still reach out to my other activities like motivational speaking but my ultimate satisfaction lies in my hair business.